Our mission is being a global network transforming agriculture to secure a sustainable future for food, nature and rural communities


With experience in over 40 countries and with more than 100 crops, SAN provides innovative, practical and credible agricultural solutions to some of the most pressing environmental and social problems of our time.

The challenges our planet faces are huge and growing fast; from climate change and biodiversity destruction to child labor and workers’ rights, our world is at risk in many ways. At SAN we see clear opportunities to transform agriculture, from the farms themselves, up and through the associated agricultural value chains; we are an accelerator of the positive change that is needed.

SAN is an international network of NGOs focused on helping companies, producers and donors to move forward with their sustainability agenda in a practical and efficient way. We can be a powerful and effective ally to achieve and monitor goals, to transform agricultural practices and to create value on the ground.


What we stand for

We believe in the power of farmers, business, government and non-profits working together to effect the profound change our world needs. We believe farming can be climate smart, deforestation free and pollinator friendly. We believe in protecting water, air, forests and biodiversity. We believe in the inalienable rights of all human beings to be treated fairly. We believe we can transform agriculture for the greater good of all.


A world where sustainable agriculture is the foundation of thriving and resilient rural landscapes and livelihoods. To make it happen, we work directly with farmers, companies, donors and other organizations to accelerate and deepen the positive impact we can make as partners on a journey of change.



We are proud to be a member-led organization combining global and local reach. We hold ourselves accountable for living and delivering our values in all we do. We are transparent, credible, innovative and we champion continuous improvement. Our services are characterized by their quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


We are consistent in what we think, say and do.


We deliver on our commitments and are transparent in our reporting.


By working with and supporting a network of local partners, we are able to offer consistent quality services at a great value.




We constantly strive to develop new ways to improve the sustainability of agriculture.


We learn from our work and actively seek for opportunities to improve it.


We believe that solutions need to be tailored to be meaningful to the broad range of cultures, socio-economic conditions and geographies found in agriculture.


strategic plan

Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Explore how we are planning to transform agriculture for a better future.